Construction and Operation of the Electric Creamer

Cream Separator # 19
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Wash all parts of the creamer (except the base that has the motor) in warm soapy water and rinse

Assemble the drum. There are no type A and B discs. All discs are the same. Put one by one in any order. Place them one by one to ensure that each disc fits correctly.

Tighten the drum using the wrench that comes with the unit.

You can regulate the thickness of the cream by turning the small screw on the drum (for a thicker cream) and get less fat. Please review this Grass Foods blog post for more information:

Secure the creamer for added stability. The creamer has to be bolted to a table. If you don't have room for it, bolt it to a table and clamp it to the table top while operating the skimmer. Later you can store it bolted to the board.

Assemble the skimmer.

Make sure the milk faucet is closed before pouring milk (or water) into the bowl

We recommend first pouring warm water into the creamer, before skimming. To warm up the gears and make sure everything is set up correctly.

If you run the machine with milk and the unit is not assembled properly, you are going to lose milk.

(This is just a recommendation and not a requirement. You can start with milk and skip the water step)

First pour hot water into the bowl of milk. Before that, make sure the milk tap is closed on the milk bowl.

Cream Separator
Turn the drive on and wait for it to reach full speed. When this happens, slowly open the valve and allow the water to pass through.

Have the hot milk ready. The proper temperature for skimming is 100F or 37°C. I recommend heating the milk to about 110F or 43°C, because it will cool down when you pour it and during skimming.

When the water has run out, without turning off the unit, close the valve and pour the milk into the milk bowl.

Begin to slowly open the valve allowing the milk to enter the skimmer. Once you see the unit begin to process the milk, the valve may be fully open. Regulate the flow depending on the situation

Please watch the troubleshooting video to see what happens if milk is poured into a unit that is not working.

After skimming, run skimmed milk through the creamer to get all the cream out of the drum.

Turn unit off and wait for it to come to a complete stop

Take unit apart and wash parts in warm, soapy water. The cleaning process is very quick and easy if done immediately after skimming

Dry the parts and assemble the drum. It will be ready for the next skimming.

Clean base. Do not wash the base that has the electric motor!

Put the unit away until next time

You now have cream and skim milk.

Enjoy cream with coffee, for cooking, and making fresh butter

  • dairy products at home
  • dairy products at home

Take a look at our blog on the use of skim milk

I can answer any questions you may have about using the creamer

Please note that all other electric models we offer work in the same way.

For manual models, please see the videos on the assembly and operation of manual models

To avoid any issues, please watch the troubleshooting video before skimming




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