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Bird and Wildlife Scarer Propane Cannon Bird Scare Propane Scarecrow Electronic

Humane and effective way to protect large agricultural areas and farmlands against undesirable birds and wildlife No harm to nature and all living creatures. Sonic blast volume of 120 decibel....

Cheesemaking Hobby-Set including press

Included:• 1 pcs. wood cheese press• 2 pcs. plastic cheese forms including lid and cheese cloth • 2 pcs. small thermometer• 1 pcs. rennet for 50 ml• 1 sachet cheese...
Cream Separator Base Support MSSP#12

Cream Separator Base Support MSSP#12

This is a spare part for SlavicBeauty cream separator. This cream separator base support is compatible with electric cream separators models # 15, 18, 19 Spare Part model number:  MSSP#12...
Milk and Cream Spout Plastic

Milk and Cream Spout Plastic

Cream Separator 80-100 L Spare Part MSSP #01/02P Milk and Cream Spout Plastic SlavicBeauty offers all spare parts from US warehouses, which means we can quickly deliver the spare part....
SlavicBeauty.Net Gift Card

SlavicBeauty.Net Gift Card

€9,32 – €466,15
Give someone special a gift of a choice! The flexibility to choose what they really want! Explore SlavicBeauty.Net Gift Card options. Terms and conditions: The Gift Card may be used...