About Us

Who We Are

My name is Katya Luniova, and with my family, we run a small US-based business since 2003. We are happy to offer you high-quality and unique products for a healthy and simple lifestyle.
Our company has grown from a hobby to a full-fledged business. I am lucky to have a loving husband who shares my enthusiasm and passion. My two beautiful children are always happy to help with photos and videos. My devoted friends are ready at all times to test our new equipment in their own homestead and give us their honest feedback.

We are a small team working on a big dream. We listen and understand the needs of our clients.
We learn a lot from our clients; their feedback enriches us with new ideas and inspires us to improve.
I was born and raised in Ukraine, a picturesque country where traditions live.
Since early childhood, I was always curious about watching a process, whether it was milking a cow or a miracle of turning white fresh milk into a savory yellow cheese.
I was amazed to watch my grandparents, who seemed to know everything and could do just about anything using things at hand and what nature gave them.
Being charmed by a simple lifestyle, I always tried to mark and remember our home recipes and secrets. Later on, I became fascinated with the idea to share my family and country heirloom traditions and connect my business with what I have always been most passionate about.
The Internet really makes it a small world. One can learn about the lifestyle of different people around the planet. I am a member of many homestead and hobby farming forums. It is nice to be a part of the community where people turn their minds to better living habits, the use of natural resources, and consuming fresh and healthy food.
We are proud that the products we offer can become great helpers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We hope SlavicBeauty Youtube channel videos will provide helpful information on using a cream separator or making cream cheese or butter. We create an ongoing SlavicBeauty blog. The primary intention of our blog is to help you with any step in using your new device or to share a great recipe.

Why choose SlavicBeauty

Our strength comes from honest collaboration with our clients. You are our most important asset. You are the lifeblood of our company, after all. We are happy to provide you support at every stage of the purchasing cycle and long after the purchase is completed. We are here not just to sell but to stay with you afterward.

How SlavicBeauty Stays Connected

We keep you informed about our company’s innovations and events through SlavicBeauty social media pages: InstagramYoutubeFacebookTwitter. Our business is entirely online, but we understand the importance of personal meetings and seeing the product in real life. Since 2012 SlavicBeauty takes part in different shows and expos, such as World Dairy ExpoEuroTierMother Earth News Fair, and others.

How To Contact SlavicBeauty

We are happy to offer you outstanding customer service. We are always in touch and ready to provide a tailored solution based on a situation. SlavicBeauty Contact Us page.
We genuinely believe that our approach and how we treat our clients make our company stand out in the marketplace.

How We Deliver SlavicBeauty Products

We ship most of our products from our US warehouses which means that United States residents can receive them very quickly thanks to proven carriers such as  UPS, FedEx, USPS Most of the products ship free inside the US and for an additional charge can be shipped around the world.
We ship worldwide.

Customer Service

We believe strongly in providing the best customer service possible so that you get the product you want in a timely fashion. Our friendly, courteous staff is here to explain about the products we offer and answer your questions as well. We understand that our reputation is only as good as our last customer. We strive every day to do the best we can so that you can enjoy our products.


Vist booth AL 116 to see the quality dairy equipment for small herds by SlavicBeauty.

October 3-7, 2017Both, AL 116

Visit our new location booth AL 116 to see SlavicBeauty cream separators, goat milkers, cow milkers and butter churns at World Dairy Expo 2016.

We look forward to be a part of WDE for the 5th consecutive year. Madison, WI

October 4-8, 2016Booth AL 116

Slavic Beauty, distributor of quality dairy equipmen participated in the 2012 World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

Booth AL 134

Slavic Beauty, distributor of quality dairy equipment took part in the 2013 World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

Booth AL 134

Slavic Beauty, distributor of quality dairy equipment participated in the 2014 World Dairy Expo on September 30 – October 4 in Madison, Wisconsin.

Booth AL 134

Slavic Beauty, distributor of quality dairy equipment, took part in the 2015 World Dairy Expo on September 29 – October 3 in Madison, Wisconsin.

Stand AL 134

Slavic Beauty showcased cream separators, butter churns and mini milkers in stand # F11 at the Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference January 30, 2016 • Grand Traverse Resort.

Stand F11

SlavicBeauty is happy to return to EuroTier – The world’s leading trade fair for animal production this year and showcase mini dairy equipment for small dairy farmers and homesteaders.

Hannover, Germany 15-18 November, 2016Booth 13-D64

SlavicBeauty mini dairy equipment at Mother Earth News Fair West Bend, Wis July 9-10 2016

Booth 1605

SlavicBeauty cream separators, cows milkers, goat and sheep mini milking machines and butter churns at Mother Earth News Fair, Seven Springs, PA September 23-25 2016

Booth #2304

Slavic Beauty showcased high quality cream separators, milk analyzers and incubators at EuroTier – the world’s leading trade fair for animal production in Hanover from 11 to 14 November 2014.

Hanover from 11 to 14 November 2014.