All SlavicBeauty products are built to the highest standards and should provide reliable performance for many years, subject to reasonable care, use, transportation and storage.

In the event of a Manufacturing defect becoming evident within 12 months from date of purchase SlavicBeauty undertakes that the product will be repaired or replaced free of charge if the product is returned to the dealer from whom it was purchased. In these circumstances, or if you need an out-of-warranty repair to your SlavicBeauty product, please contact us. We will advise you of the correct return procedure.

In the event of a Manufacturing defect SlavicBeauty will reimburse the buyer for shipping the unit back to us for repair. In the case of out-of-warranty repair, request for an additional spare part, buyer pays for the shipping and repair according to the invoice provided by SlavicBeauty. In every case it will be necessary to provide the proof of purchase from SlavicBeauty.Net

Please note: A Manufacturing Defect is defined as a defect in the performance of the product which may be expected from a reasonable interpretation of the published description and performance specifications according to instruction manuals of each product. This does not include damage caused by post-purchase transportation, storage or careless handling, nor damage caused by misuse. A significant proportion of products returned under Warranty (which are very few in number compared to numbers sold) are found not to exhibit any fault at all. Please check that the mains voltage is correctly set for your local supply, when necessary, proper voltage transformers are used and that your connecting cables are in good order and correctly connected. If in doubt about the product functions please read the user guide, and if necessary contact SlavicBeauty for advice before returning the product You can also contact SlavicBeauty or visit FAQ page for general advice.