Do I need a cream separator?

If you have a cow, goat, or sheep or have access to raw milk, a cream separator will help you use the precious raw milk more efficiently. It will save time and effort and allow you to make a variety of delicious dairy products for your family.

Can I separate goats milk with the SlavicBeauty cream separator?

You can separate goat's milk easily with a Slavic Beauty cream separator. Goat milk is naturally homogenized, meaning the fat particles are evenly distributed throughout the milk. As a result, it does not separate easily on its own, making it challenging to obtain cream by manual skimming.

How does a cream separator make processing goat milk more efficient?

The slavicBeauty cream separator efficiently separates the cream from goat milk right after milking, saving days of trying to separate goat's milk manually. This makes it easy to create various delicious dairy products such as butter, cream, and cheese without the challenges of manual cream separation.

Can I use a Slavic Beauty cream separator to make butter from goat milk?

 A Slavic Beauty cream separator can easily separate cream from goat milk, allowing you to make delicious homemade butter easily.

Does the use of a cream separator save time?

A cream separator can save time compared to other methods, such as allowing the milk to settle and using a spoon to skim the cream from the surface. In addition, a cream separator can separate cream from milk in just a few minutes, whereas other methods can take several hours, usually overnight. This can be particularly useful for those who need to process large quantities of milk and cream regularly

Will I get more cream with a cream separator?

A cream separator can also result in more consistent and efficient separation. The machine is designed to separate in a precise and controlled manner, resulting in a higher yield of cream and a more uniform consistency.

Does using a cream separator produce better quality cream?

Using a cream separator can result in better quality cream than other methods of separating cream from milk, such as allowing the milk to settle and using a spoon to skim the cream from the surface. Cream separators are designed to separate milk in a precise and controlled manner, which can result in a higher yield and a better quality of cream regarding consistency, purity, and freshness.

The machine separates the cream from the milk based on the density difference between the two components, resulting in a cleaner separation with fewer impurities or milk solids in the cream. The resulting cream has a higher fat content, a smoother texture, and a more consistent flavor than a cream separated using other methods. Additionally, the milk can be separated right after milking a cow, which can help ensure the cream is as fresh as possible.

Can I regulate the thickness of the cream I get with the Slavic Beauty separator?

Yes, there is a way to regulate the cream thickness easily

Is it hard to wash a cream separator?

Put cream separator parts in warm soapy water right after separating, and you will be surprised how easy it is to wash them. Moreover, new cream separators have only 10-12 discs which makes it so much easier to clean and assemble the separator

Which materials Slavic Beauty cream separators are made out of?

Model # SB18/110

All parts are made of high-quality anodized food-grade aluminum*

*See the other questions below to address your question about aluminum parts and if stainless steel small separators are an option.

Model # SB19/110

Motor casing, milk bowl, and spouts are made of food-grade plastic

The drum and discs inside are made of high-quality anodized food-grade aluminum

Should I worry about using a cream separator with aluminum parts?

 It is safe to use a cream separator with aluminum parts.

First of all, the aluminum used is food-grade anodized aluminum.

Anodized aluminum is non-reactive, meaning it does not interact with the milk or cream, and is also easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, it is commonly used in food processing equipment, including cream separators, as it is a safe and suitable material for this application.

Second, milk stays in the cream separator for only minutes and is considerably cold (100F), which means you do not have to worry about aluminum leaching into milk.

Is there a quality stainless steel small cream separator available?

No fully stainless steel small cream separators are available because it is not technically possible if high-quality stainless steel is used. This makes parts of the cream separator too heavy, which negatively influences the performance of the cream separator. Therefore, some separators that claim to be stainless steel use lower quality and very thin stainless steel and often have aluminum parts in the drum and discs. Some separators have quality stainless steel bowl and spouts but still, have anodized aluminum drum and discs. This means the milk will touch aluminum anyways if this is what you are trying to avoid by paying more for stainless steel parts.