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From Idea To Product

Cheese Kettles SKH

Cheese Kettle - Copper SKH-Cu

SK Classic Pasteurizer and cheese kettle

Cheese Kettle mini SKM

SKH-H Cheese kettles 100-650 with heating-cooling unit

Cheese Vats and Cistern 2O

Cheese Vats and Cisterns SKH/SCH

Plevnik Cheese Harps

SMMO 100 - 500

Prepress PRP-R

Prepresses PRP-AP, PRP-AT and PRP-RT


Cheese Presses PPS-U, MS-U, PPS-A, PPS-AU and PPS-H

Cheese Tables SM, SMG, SDM and SOM

Cheese Washing Device PS

Cheese Cutting Device RS

BS Salting vat 50-300