Cheese Kettles

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Pasteurizers and Cheese kettles SK Classic 50-300

New Classic product line combines all the essentials of a pasteurizer and cheese kettle in a single device. It includes key functionalities of both devices. A powerful device at an affordable price. The Classic models enable both beginners and expert cheesemakers the production of various dairy products: pasteurized milk, yogurt, cheese, curd, and other genuine products from your dairy product line.



Quality and efficient milk processing


Automated processing


Simple Operation ans cleaning


Energy Efficient


Easy Production of dairy products

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Heating Options

Different heating options are available:

EL - Electricity
EW - Combination


Different versions of SK Classics are available:

from more simple versions to professional pasteurizers for advanced users. Individual versions have different heating options and different equipment possibilities.

The 50l and 125l versions of the Classic model feature a double-coat insulated vessel with a cover and is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Heating and cooling works through the bottom and the coat of the vessel. The kettle is heated in a water bath and cooled with water from the water supply network or a reservoir. Thermal treatment is possible up to 92°C. The temperature can be regulated using the thermostat on the electrical cabinet.

The 200l and 300l Classic models consume between 5 and 15% less energy thanks to the efficient energy exchange made possible by the well-insulated vessel (with three coats), laser-welded exchange surfaces, and carefully chosen materials. Thermal treatment is possible up to 100°C (EW). The water pump facilitates the heat exchange, which speeds up the heating and cooling processes and thus saves both energy and money.

Technical Information

More information about types, heating power according to version, dimensions, cooling and hot water connections, weight, outlets, …

Technical Information


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