Cheese table with dividing plate SDM

Cheese table with dividing plate SDM

Major part of Plevnik cheese draining table SDM is distribution plate for a simultaneous / simpler filling of cheese mass into cheese moulds.


Direct filling
into cheese moulds


Deepened cheese table


Ergonomic work


High-quality materials


Outflow valve

Heating Options

Deposit shelf

With deposit shelf under the device you can double the disposal surface for various items (for example cheese moulds). It also facilitates draining. The holes on shelf enable faster drainage of water.

Draining stainless steel grid on the bottom

For draining of the whey from the cheese moulds.

Extra dividing plate

Enable the usage of different moulds.

Technical Information

More information about types and dimensions.

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Yogurt production with pasteurizer and cheese table

Yogurt production with Plevnik pasteurizer P 300 EL Professional and cheese table SM 199.

Dairy: Podpečan, Slovenia


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Alternative devices:

Heated cheese table SMG
Cheese table with dividing plate SDM
Draining cheese table SOM

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