Mechanical press MS-U

Mechanical press MS-U

Mechanical cheese press type MS-U is a model of cheese press with weights for increasing the pressing force when pressing cheese mass in cheese moulds. Cheese press MS-U is a great opportunity for beginners to get acquainted with professional production and for cheesemakers, who are looking for a simple cheese press.


Simple solution for
efficient cheese pressing


High degree of adjustability


Controlled processing


Suitable for all cheesemakers


Simple maintenance and cleaning

Heating Options

Deposit shelf

Deposit shelf under the device can be used for multiple purposes in dairy.

Intermediate plates for pressing

Plates are inserted between cheese moulds levels. Level separation allows equal distribution of pressing force over severalcheese moulds. Plates are made from PE plastic that is durable and made with smooth surfaces that allow quick and efficient cleaning.

Technical Information

More information about capacities, pressing points, pressing force, dimensions, …

More Information


Making cheese from 200 liters of milk

Cheesemaking with Plevnik pasteurizer P 200 E with manual cheese harp and mechanical cheese press MS-U 2.

Dairy: Napotnik, Slovenia


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