Vertical pneumatic press PPS-A

Vertical pneumatic press PPS-A

Cheese press PPS-A is a vertical pneumatic cheese press, using compressed air for efficient cheese pressing. Its usually used in larger cheese-making facilities where they use more than one press, for pressing 50-240 kg of cheese mass.


Mobile vertical press takes up little


Efficient use of space


Easy to move


Controlled processing


Mobile vertical press takes up little space

Additional Equipment

Manual three-stage pressure regulation

Enables adaptability to your recipes and simple regulation with three preset pressures. Each step is activated via switching valve.

Automatic pressure regulation

Automatic pressure regulation depending on the time for individual cheese maturation stage. Operation via an intuitive controller. Design the program independently according to your needs and save. The controller performs a preset program independently (without your constant attention).

Technical Information

More information about possibility of processing cheese mass, pressing points, cylinders, dimensions, working height, …

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