Mini Milking Machine: Your Helper In Embracing Natural Lifestyle

SlavicBeauty Mini Milkers – High Quality Affordable Product -

For those who have thought about returning to a natural lifestyle where you live as one with the land it is now possible thanks to a new movement of hobby and small dairy farmers as well as homesteaders.


The Rise of Hobby Farmers, Homesteaders, and Small Dairy Farms

Since the turn of the 21st century, one of the growing trends in modern living is the rise of the self-sufficient homestead. Basically, these are people who have purchased small properties with the purpose of proving enough food for themselves and their families.

The concept of small farming is nothing new. It’s quite old as for many thousands of years, people grew all types of food for their families on small farms. Only in the past couple hundred years did the idea of large, production farms come into existence thanks to the advances of technology. Well, those same advances are now allowing millions of people to go back to the farm, raise crops, and care for cows, goats, or sheep that provide milk for their tables.

Unfortunately, for many years the dairy market was focused on larger, production farms with many cows and machines that cost a considerable amount of money. Most small farmers had to rely on hand milking their cows and goats as there were no practical machines available to do the job.


The Benefits of Milking Machines


Although milking by hand has been done for thousands of years, there are certain benefits to using a milking machine. This is particularly true for those who may suffer from arthritis or other conditions that make milking by hand a difficult chore.

Less Strain: For those who suffer from arthritis or frequent cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, having a milking machine handy offers solid relief. Plus, the machines themselves are small and have their own wheels which makes them easy to pull around.

Better Milk Production: The machines are quite good at getting the milk that is available. When properly attached, it gently pulls out the milk so that you get the maximum amount available.

Easy to Use: It would not be worth the price if the machines were difficult to use. In fact, the best ones are simple, intuitive, and only need to be placed properly so that they can drain the milk.

In the past few years, there has been a growing market for smaller milking devices that are perfect for farms with just one or two cows or three to four goats.


SlavicBeauty Milking Machines



Over the past several years, SlavicBeauty has made a name for itself thanks to its line of excellent cream separators and now its mini milking and bucket milker products. The machines offered by the company are perfectly suited for those who have from one to four goats or one to two cows that they keep on their farm. The company also provides milking devices that work for sheep.

The milking products offered by SlavicBeauty are made to be simple and intuitive to use so that only a brief reading of the instructions is necessary to get started. As with any product, it is advised that you read through all of the instructions first and contact SlavicBeauty if you have a question about its proper use.

The good news is that SlavicBeauty provides a number of videos that will demonstrate how their products are properly used. The videos are step by step so you can virtually walk through the process as you are setting up the product. However, for most people using one of the Mini Milkers will be no trouble at all and soon you’ll be using it like a pro.


High-Quality Parts and Materials



What helps separate SlavicBeauty milking machine products from the competition is the emphasis on using only high-quality parts. For example, the stainless steel parts that are used in the milkers are 304L grade which is one of the higher quality grades. This means that the parts are rust-resistant while being strong enough to hold up the demands of the milking process.

In addition, the construction of the machines makes them tough enough to withstand many small impacts that might occur when pulling them along or setting them in place.


Excellent Value and 18-Month Guarantee


SlavicBeauty goes above and beyond when it comes to provide the best in milking machines all for low, affordable prices that make them the perfect addition to your farm or homestead. Each unit is tested to ensure that it works properly for your needs.

The 18-month guarantee protects you from any defective Mini Milking machines that might get through the rigorous testing that ensures each one of them works to the highest standards. If you discover that the machine is not working properly, you can return it for repair or replacement within the 18-month period.


About SlavicBeauty


Since 2006, SlavicBeauty has been selling highly acclaimed cream separators that have been praised around the world for their high quality, ease of use, and durable nature. The services that SlavicBeauty extends to its customers go well beyond offering high-quality products. One of the most noted traits of the company is its emphasis on customer service.

Offering exceptional customer service is the priority of SlavicBeauty, particularly since they offer many of their products to those who may just be starting out with their own small farm, want to separate cream on their own, or simply have a new interest in products that suit their needs.

In the Spring of 2015, SlavicBeauty added the Mini Milker to their list of products after hearing from their customers. This particular SlavicBeauty milking machine is custom-made to order for meeting the needs of small dairy, homesteaders, and hobby farmers.

If you are looking for an excellent Mini Milker, bucket milker, or another in the line of fine SlavicBeauty milking machine products, you need go no further than the excellent catalog of products from SlavicBeauty. They are affordably priced, simple to use and provide excellent service all backed by an 18-month guarantee.


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