Clabbered Milk: What Do You Know About It?

What Do You Know About Clabber -

Do you know what clabber is?

What would happen if you leave fresh raw milk on your countertop at room temperature? In a couple of days, you will get coagulated soured milk. It is the most straightforward fermented dairy product that we call clabber, bonny clabber, or soured milk. A little research among homesteaders, cheesemakers, goat and cow owners showed an unexpected result. It turned out that not so many people know what it is, and even fewer people make it at their homes. 


People all over the world used these microorganisms to preserve milk. Typically, to make a fermented milk product, you add a starter culture to the milk. Microorganisms introduced into milk with that culture develop and form microflora. These microorganisms in various combinations make it possible to obtain many types of fermented milk products. If you combine different strains, you can get quality products with a pronounced aroma and taste.

How to get clabber from raw milk?

But the most fantastic is that you can still get an excellent product, clabber, without adding any culture. Quality raw milk coagulates by wild fermentation.

As a result, you will get a yogurt-like consistency, sour taste, healthy dairy product, which you can eat raw or add to your recipes. If it stays longer, it will separate into whey and curd. Next time put a tablespoon of whey into fresh milk to speed the fermentation process.

Benefits of bonny clabber

Bacteria found in industrial starter cultures grow well when put into milk but won’t reside in the human body. Bacteria found in homemade clabber will. The human body digests it in just an hour. The benefits of clabber are in the presence of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. There is lactic acid in this product, which activates intestinal peristalsis and the work of the pancreas. This drink produces antibiotics in the body that reduce the growth of harmful microbes that can cause gastrointestinal problems. Use clabber for colitis, enteritis, constipation, and gastritis. This product contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that provide anti-atherosclerotic effects and help reduce the rate of heart disease. Clabber belongs to low-calorie foods, and it also perfectly cleanses the body of toxins and decay products. Considering this, this product is suitable for overweight people and during the period of weight loss. 

How can we use clabber?

Sometimes I think that you have to grow with bonny clabber to really like it. Try it with brown sugar and cinnamon, or add a bit of syrup or jam to sweeten the taste. But if you don’t want to enjoy the clabber as a drink, add it to your pie dough, make some  cottage cheese, make pancakes, add to the summer soups, use it in your recipes as a yogurt substitute. Use it because it is a very healthy product, and pass down this most straightforward recipe to the next generations.


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