Making Fresh Cream At Home: Cream Separator To Keep It Simple

How to Make Fresh Cream at Home -

Homesteading has become quite popular in recent years thanks to the emphasis on self-sufficiency in which millions of people are making their own products at home. This includes those who want to make their own basic foods such as butter and creams, just like our ancestors.

For those who want to make the best-tasting butter or cream at home, it is basically necessary to have milk that is either raw or non-homogenized. However, that may not be as easy as it sounds, given the processes that we face with milk today.

The milk you purchase in the store is both pasteurized, where it is heated to kill any bacteria, and homogenized, where it is run through a machine at high pressure through screens which break up the fat molecules which enable the cream to be suspended in the milk. For over a century, homogenization created standardized flavors, making the milk easier to drink for most people since they don’t have to shake the bottle to mix the cream back into place.

In most places in the US, raw milk is not available for sale in stores. This is because the pasteurization process is necessary to kill any bacteria that might have made their way into the milk before it gets into the bottle. So the solutions are to either buy a cow to get the raw milk directly or purchase cream line milk. If you live in the city, then getting a cow may be somewhat expensive, not to mention rather difficult and perhaps illegal. This leaves you with cream line milk as the other option.

What is cream line milk?

Basically, cream line milk is non-homogenized milk where the cream is allowed to rise to the top, forming a line of cream. The important aspect of this product is that it is non-homogenized as the homogenization process actually breaks down the fat molecules present in the milk itself. When the fat cells are left alone, they rise to the surface and form a cream line.

Overall, non-homogenized milk is perfect for those who want to make fresh cream at home. Cream line milk is safe to drink because it has been pasteurized, which means all the harmful bacteria have been eliminated. So now that you have the cream, all you need now is a cream separator to have fresh cream.

What is a Cream Separator?

A cream separator is a rather simple mechanical device that separates the cream from the milk in a quick, easy fashion. Cream separators are simple to operate and are used worldwide, where people make their own fresh cream.

How to choose a cream separator?

The type of cream separator you want should be well crafted, easy to use, and last for years of use. Plus, you will want a warranty and access to spare parts just if something should break down. Slavic Beauty is one company that offers high-quality cream separators for your needs. So, if you want to make your own fresh cream, all you need is cream line milk and a cream separator from Slavic Beauty.


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