How Long Does Raw Milk Last? Is It A Health Risk Or A Great Benefit?

How Long Does Raw Milk Last? Is It A Health Risk Or A Great Benefit?

You wouldn’t contradict that people’s health directly depends on what they eat, would you? I’ve been interested in healthy eating for many years and have made many exciting discoveries for myself. But, unfortunately, the concept of “healthy food” has passed a huge and exciting way of market niches. During this time, it has been swinging like a pendulum.

What does it mean to eat healthy food?

It seemed that it is so simple – a healthy diet is a rational and balanced diet. But for each person, these concepts have different meanings. There is no particular harmony in the opinions of what is healthy food, nor clarity of wording. There are many disputes about it. 

But real stories prove that promoting the benefits or harms of a particular product had a substantial impact on the consumer. Sometimes harmful, sometimes neutral, but always accompanied by the leakage of money from the consumer’s pocket to the companies. Thus, benefiting manufacturers, corporations, and politicians from the industry of misconception is one of the most important reasons we all ended up with.

Are nutritionists always right?

Do you seriously think that a glass of raw milk is more harmful to your health than a glass of Coca-Cola? Supermarket shelves became filled with skim milk, fat-free yogurt, and other low-fat dairy products. After reading a lot of authoritative research, I can say that the exaggeration of the danger of animal fats and the silence about the contribution of sugar leads to obesity and other diseases. Nutritionist and doctors keep convincing us that fat and cholesterol in milk is dangerous. But my most significant discovery was that processed foods are the most harmful to our health.

Why is consuming processed milk the wrong choice?

Homogenization is the most harmful in milk processing. It’s a major cause of atherosclerosis. In fact, milk goes through several stages during processing. And at every stage, it is exposed to high temperatures. As a result of processing, we get something entirely different from milk. Processing is changing live milk into the dead.

The economic benefit is the primary purpose of this process, and milk is its innocent victim. Because it is necessary to extend its shelf life and save money on hygiene procedures, and there’s no need to care about milk cleanliness, as heating the milk kills bacteria. Pasteurized milk is the most allergenic food, by the way. If you find out the truth about processed milk, you will run to buy a dairy cow. Or a goat. Or both. 

Fresh, quality, whole, certified raw milk from grass-fed animals is packed with probiotic bacteria, vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants, healthy fatty acids, including omega-3s. By the way, most people who are lactose intolerant can consume raw milk without problems. Therefore, the health risks of consuming processed milk far outweigh the perceived risks of drinking raw milk tested for safety.


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