How To Use Sweet Whey In Cooking

How To Use Whey In Cooking -

Whey is a translucent liquid separated from milk in the cheese-making or milk fermentation process. It has a high protein content, vitamins B, B2, and C, and all these qualities make it a beneficial product. Doctors prescribe whey consumption for people suffering from some diseases. But bakers have found the most widespread use of whey. They add it to bakery products, biscuits, cookies, cakes, and pancakes, make icing and cream. Even pizza dough goes well with whey. Try to make whey caramel. It’s simply delicious! 


What is the benefit of adding whey to baked goods?


It increases shelf life, improves the structure, makes the dough softer, gives the crust a delicious golden color. You can safely freeze and defrost the whey dough without the risk of its taste loss. It is also worth noting that whey in baking can completely replace eggs and partially fat and sugar. The icing and cream made with whey, as well as the cake or cookies, will never be too sweet. 


What is the purpose of using whey in cooking?


Whey plays a significant role in cooking. Try to cook the usual side dishes – rice, beans, or pasta using whey instead of water. Your understanding of the flavors palette will expand significantly after this experiment.

Adherents of a healthy lifestyle also love whey. Athletes drink whey cocktails to gain muscle mass

Children will also not refuse a mixture of whey and berries, cocoa, chocolate, and fruits. They also need large doses of protein. Surprise them by preparing a jelly drink with whey – it will be gentle and healthy.

Due to its high lactose content, whey is an excellent raw material for producing alcoholic beverages. As a result, wine, beer, and even liqueurs are not only delicious but also low in calories and with a longer shelf life.

How to store whey?


Anyone who makes homemade cheese or fermented milk products like yogurt can use homemade whey. The middle shelf of the refrigerator and an enamel or glass container with a tight lid is the best option to store the whey. If you keep it there for more than five days, you can still use it as a cosmetic product or make a sauce, soup, and dough. Homemade whey has a maximum shelf life of 15 days. Of course, you can always freeze it, but then use it only for making dough or for cosmetic purposes. The primary value of whey is in the high vitamins content. But at very low temperatures, they disintegrate, and the drink significantly loses its nutritional value. 


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