Cow Milking Machine: Machine Milking vs Hand Milking

Machine Milking vs Hand Milking -

There is little doubt that both a milking machine and a hand milking method offer benefits and many dairies both large and small use both options when it comes to milking cows, goats, and sheep.

Hand Milking

The first and perhaps best advantage of hand milking your cows, goats, or sheep is that you get into closer contact with the animal. There is something very personal and satisfying when it comes to milking goats, cows, or sheep by hand and many farmers feel the experience is one that really makes it feel like they are on a farm.

In addition, if you only have one animal to milk, then hand milking is arguably the best option. However, this does not apply if you have a fussy animal or if the cow, sheep, or goat produces a considerable amount of milk. However, the downsides to hand milking are considerable, especially if you are older or have difficulty in using your hands for tasks such as milking.

Strain: The strain from even milking a single cow may be painful and certainly tiring for those who suffer from arthritis or just getting up in years.

Unclean Milk: Even if you use a strainer, there will be all types of dirt, debris, and even specks of manure in the milk which may make it less comfortable for you to consume.

Time Consuming: It takes time when it comes to milking sheep, cows, or goats. The time that can be used elsewhere on your homestead or farm.

While milking machines are generally thought of for larger dairy farms, there is a new series of smaller, portable machines offered by SlavicBeauty that are perfect for homesteads and small farms with one or two cows, goats, or sheep.

Machine Milking

For those who have a cow or two, perhaps a couple of goats or sheep, the idea of purchasing a milking machine may seem at first like a large investment for a seemingly small amount of work. However, there are considerable advantages when it comes to using a machine.

Clean Milk: Thanks to the vacuum pump which fits firmly around the teat, there is no dirt, debris, or manure that finds its way into the milk. All you need to do is quickly clean the teat before starting and you will have clean milk as a result.

Fast Milking: With the machine being portable it makes it easier and faster to use than hand milking. Once the machine is attached, the surge milker ensures that you get more milk in less time while the animal remains comfortable.

Easy Use: This is particularly good for those who have trouble using their hands as the machine is far less labor-intensive.

SlavicBeauty offers excellent milkers designed for cows, sheep, and goats all for low, affordable prices. The milking machine you purchase from our store comes with an 18-month warranty is easy to set up, use, and clean. Our milkers are designed to last, so you will get years of service from our machines. We ask that you look over our selection of milking devices so that you can choose the one that best suits your particular needs.


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