Montage und Betrieb der elektrischen Milchzentrifuge #19

Cream Separator #19

Motor Yourself for Slavic Beauty

Wash all individual parts (except the base with motor) in warm water with a little soap and dry

Assemble the drum. There are no A and B slices. All discs are the same. Insert one after the other in any order. Make sure each disc is securely seated.

Tighten the drum with the wrench that is provided

You can regulate the cream thickness by turning the small screw in the drum. In for more and out for less fat. Please see these Grass Food blog posts for more information:

Tighten the centrifuge for more stability. The centrifuge must be fixed on a tabletop. If you don't have room for it, screw it to a piece of wood and screw it to the tabletop with claws. Later you can store it with the board.

Assemble the centrifuge.

Make sure the milk flow is closed before pouring the milk (or water) into the bowl

It is recommended to run warm water through before disconnecting. To warm up the engine and make sure everything is set up correctly.

If you start with milk and the device is assembled incorrectly, you will only waste it.

(This is only a recommendation and not a requirement. You can also start directly with the milk)

Pour warm water into the milk bowl first. Make sure beforehand that the milk opening in the bowl is closed.

Turn on the device and wait for it to reach full speed. Only then slowly open the valve and let the water flow through.

Cream Separator
Provide warm milk. The correct temperature for separation is 100°F or 37°C. I recommend heating the milk to around 110°F or 43°C as it will get colder during pouring and separation anyway.

After the water is out, close the valve without turning off the device and pour the milk into the milk bowl.

Slowly start opening the valve to allow the milk to enter the separator. As soon as you see the device start processing the milk, the valve can be fully opened. Adjust the amount according to the situation.

Please also watch the troubleshooting video to see what happens if the milk is not poured into the working unit.

After separation, run skimmed milk through the separator to flush the cream out of the drum.

Turn off the device and wait for it to stop completely.

Disassemble the device and wash parts in warm, soapy water. Cleanup is very quick and easy if it happens right after the breakup.

Dry the parts and assemble the drum. She is then ready for the next breakup.

Wipe the base clean. Do not wash the base with electric motor!

Store the device until next time

Now you have fresh cream and skim milk.

Enjoy the cream with coffee, for cooking or for fresh butter

dairy products at home
dairy products at home

I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about using the Slavic Beauty milk centrifuge

Please note that all other electric models we sell work on the same principle.

For manual models, watch their assembly and instruction videos.

To avoid problems, please watch the troubleshooting video before disconnecting.

Have fun with it!


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